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                A Day of Cutlery Team
                發布人:客服   發表日期:2020-12-09 10-58-16


                Cutlery plays a significantly important role in our daily life. Let’s see how cutlery team works in a day.


                Cutlery team works day and night and it is in use at every meal.

                From morning to night. From breakfast to dinner. From starter to dessert.


                Time for Breakfast. A cup of coffee or tea and a piece of toast with butter are nearly everyone’s choice in the morning in western country. The coffee spoon or teaspoon is suited to a coffee cup or a tea cup and its small, convenient size fits in the cup, while butter knife with dull edge and rounded point is used for spreading butter on the toast.

                If you would like a cup of tea with sugar, sugar tongs could give you a hand in grasping sugar from the sugar jar.


                Time for Lunch. A small sandwich may be enough for some people. However, there are others prefer to have a big meal for lunch to get rid of the tiredness of the task in the morning and be ready to take up challenges in the afternoon. The dinner spoon is often used for pasta dishes while soup spoon is rounded which is good for holding soup.


                Time for Dinner. After a day of hard work and stress, we deserve a nice meal for dinner. At the starter part, salad spoon and salad fork are a good match in participating at the beginning of the meal. Then it is followed by the main course, the dinner knife helps in cutting the food on the plate into pieces, whereas the dinner fork is used to hold the food in place when cutting with a knife. Dinner fork as an individual, it is a brilliant tool for having spaghetti or Chinese chow mein. If you choose steak as main course, steak knife with serrated blades is a better choice for cutting steak in bite-sized pieces. If you are a fish lover, fish knife and fish fork then take part in the meal as fish knife is used to remove the fish bones and fish fork is slightly wider than a table fork and has shorter tines. As ice cream is one of the most popular desserts, ice cream spoon is honoured to join the day of cutlery team and its flat head is a perfect design for scooping out all the cold, creamy desserts from the bowl and scooping up every last bit of ice cream. If you would like to eat fruits afterwards, fruit fork is specially designed for holding each piece of fruit with two short tines.


                Time for a Drink. A bottle of ice beer at night in a quite bar helps in stress relief. Ice tongs is for easy removal and handling of the ice cubes from the ice bucket.


                Cutlery never stop working!


                FNF cutlery has a variety of cutleries with wide range of designs. If you want to get more information, please visit our website at www.fnfcutlery.com or contact us at fnfcutlery@gmail.com


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                A:11 Industrial Development, Yali Village, Dagang Town, Guangzhou, China

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