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                2018 GHESE
                發布人:客服   發表日期:2020-12-09 10-53-57

                The 25th Guangzhou International Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition (GHESE)


                FNF is pleased that our business manager Ryan was interviewed by GDTV channel. Guangdong Radio and Television is a broadcasting media in Guangdong China. It is the leading local channel, providing audience with latest news about Guangdong Province. It reported that FNF International Limited set up an exhibition in Guangzhou International Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition to display more than 100 products with a wide range of designs, which are suitable for home and hotel use.


                Interview content between GDTV reporter and FNF Business Manager Ryan shows below:


                Reporter: What is the advantage of your products in the hotel supply industry?

                Ryan: Our company has its own plant with 12-year experience in hotel cutlery design and manufacture, which reaches 5 million output each month. We have our independent and professional design team and advanced production equipment. FNF provides high quality stainless steel cutlery as we take measures to review procedure to control cost and defect rate.


                Reporter: How many years have you attended the GHESE?

                Ryan: We have participated in the exhibition since 2006. This is the twelfth time for us to take part in GHESE. We will continually attend the exhibition to display our products as we find it a great platform for us to attract the attention of related business partners and media.


                Reporter: What is your latest design for this year?

                Ryan: We launch Q series recently, which are made from high quality 304 stainless steel. We utilise new technology to produce this series of cutlery. There are variety of colours and coated method for customers to select.



                For more information about hotel cutlery, welcome to email fnfcutlery@gmail.com


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                A:11 Industrial Development, Yali Village, Dagang Town, Guangzhou, China

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